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The Future of Bots

How many times a week do you find yourself conversing, talking to, or instructing a bot? When you call your bank, a bot picks up. She asks for your identifying number and you trust her. Maybe you inherently have no reaso

Getting Started with Bot Framework (Node.js)

This post will go over how to quickly get a bot up and running, in Node.js (in Azure, other CMS will be another day). If you don’t already have an Azure account, please go make one. Azure is really cool. These bots can b

Using API Search Queries with Bot Framework (Node.js)

This is built on-top of BotBuilder/Node/Examples/demo-skype-app.js The bot framework is a really cool sdk. If you’re not using it currently, I strongly suggest you take a look. Even if you’re not a node.js type of person